Pantry Pennies

Pantry Pennies

I want to be very clear that my heart is in finding ways to address food security issues and reducing the barriers that many in our community have in accessing organic food.  As a “Social Enterprise” I am unashamedly using the business of the Pantry as a means to this end.  “Pantry Pennies” will channel Pantry profits into a fund that will support and encourage small, creative, local, human scaled solutions.  To kick start the fund, $1 from every can of maple syrup ordered through the Pantry will go into “Pantry Pennies”. Realistically this will be just a drop, but the thunderstorm has to start somewhere!

My inspiration for modeling the Pantry as a social enterprise comes from people already doing it well.  Like the Save on Meats shop in downtown lower east Vancouver where the meat shop makes money to provide affordable meals to mixed income neighbourhood residents.  They employ people who have barriers to regular employment.  No charity or asking for handouts.  It is an all around feel good story, and you can learn more on their blog.

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