EQV School Garden

How does a garden grow? I have the Spring itch, and can’t wait to dig in the soil again. I may not be the most productive gardener out there, but I sure love to dabble and see things grow. I recall helping my Mum in the garden when I was just a wee one, and some of those lessons still shape how I plant my garden each year eg. Carrots with lettuce. Despite living in completely different growing conditions and countries, I feel most connected to my Mum when I am in the garden.

I am excited to announce that PeaceFull Pantry has been entrusted with the management of the school garden at Ecole des Quatre Vents – this garden is located on the north side of the round school in the north end of Peace River near the arena. I have worked with the teachers in the garden for a few years now. EQV is a small school, and the teachers have found the busy part of the school calendar (year end and start up) clash with the peak demands of the garden, and then while all the growing is happening during the Summer, school is out and the teachers understandably want a break too.

We have tried a few different ways to address this time crunch – some working better than others. This year, teachers will continue to weave the garden into their classroom activities (think math lessons, science, art, language etc), but the bulk of the work will be done by PeaceFull Pantry. I am looking forward to working with some other community agencies and groups in town, to provide access to the garden and the wonderful resource it is, to teach so many different lessons. The focus will continue to be on kids and having fun in the garden. This is a work in progress and you will hear lots more about this as it unrolls!

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