December 2013 Order Highlights

Pantry is on Holiday for the month of January. Please be reminded to check your cupboards to ensure that you order anything in short supply so you have enough good food until February when the next order will be.

Hope you are able to enjoy the white blanket and have been able to stay safe on the roads!  The December Pantry order will be opening this upcoming Sunday and it will be the last chance to purchase a 2014 Pantry membership – all 2013 members who do not choose to purchase a 2014 membership will revert to a $5/order “drop in fee”, and if you no longer wish to get updates or be part of the Pantry, please let me know.

The dried fruit and nut order from Rancho Vignola is in (except the pistachios that are held up on the farm).  Pickup of these orders will be from the Pantry space this Thursday, December 5, 2013  from 11:30am-5:30pm.  During this time I will also be opening up the Pantry cupboards for folks to pickup some organic baking ingredients, as well as smaller sized “case ends” of the dried fruits and nuts that would make great stocking stuffers or on a snack tray for a Christmas party.  There will also be some specials on the instock baking items during the noon hour, so hope you can drop by.

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