Ordering 101

Ok you have paid your membership and received your username and password. You have received the email that the order is open. You login to the Ordering Portal. And…

It can be overwhelming. Take your time. Try to login more than once and give yourself the opportunity to browse, hunt, play around and become familiar with the online catalogue. Your order remains open and is able to be changed, adjusted, added to or deleted until the closing date. Orders are open 10 days prior the Pantry Day.

There are no minimum orders. If you are not sure where to begin, try starting with a Seasonal Produce Bag. It comes in two varieties. One geared toward ready to eat or minimal prep produce that is great for snacks and lunches.  The other is full of delicious and versatile options to accompany your home cooked meals.  Be encouraged to start small and choose items you like and will use. Consider volunteering to sort orders. This will provide you with hands on experience to see and learn about products. Grow your orders like your garden. Tend and water it and give yourself time to learn and embrace all the options PeaceFull Pantry has to offer.

To optimize your ordering strategies, start your orders early and keep your eyes on the splits. You can adjust your quantities as needed. Filling cases, helps ensure the item you are ordering will arrive rather than being the only person to order 4/113 apples in the last ten minutes before the order closes.

Symbols dont have to read like hieroglyphics. Ask if you are not sure or attend a Pantry to Pantry session to help decode some of the mystery. Here are a few to get you started.

  • # stands for pound (lbs) and is a weight measure of a case, bag  or amount of produce.
  • Apples may have a F/XF beside them. Fancy / ExtraFancy is a quality marker.
  • Apples may have a BC or WA beside them. Origin maker for British Columbia or Washington.
  • Splits are your individual portion of a whole case divided amongst two or more members. You may order 12 apples out of a case of 113.
  • Partial Split is an unfilled case. As members add their orders, you may see a split looking like 83/113. This means 83 apples have been ordered and 50 are left to be spoken for. When a case is full it will look like 113/113.

Be sure to monitor your emails on Pantry Mornings. Any late delivery due to weather or other circumstances, notices will be posted ASAP.

When you get your produce home, unpack it and set a game plan. Best outcomes with minimal food wastage happens when you develop a use strategy. Plan to eat your more perishable items such as grapes and lettuce in the first week. Produce such as yams, squash and apples will keep towards the end of the month. For those of you who menu plan, consider starting your calendar on Pantry Day rather than the first of the month.

PeaceFull Pantry would love to hear from you. If you have great tips or success stories from your pantry, please share them with us at peacefullpantry@hotmail.com

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