Buying Club


The PeaceFull Pantry Buying Club is a growing group of households from Peace River and surrounding areas, who have consciously put their money where their mouth is since October 2007. Peaceful_Pantry_045webWe have chosen to support sustainable farming practices by purchasing from farmers who grow organically or raise their animals naturally. We reduce the economic bleed by purchasing as direct from the farmer as we can. We do this by purchasing fresh produce from a wholesaler who has direct relationships with farmers and small farmer co-ops in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Argentina. We also purchase our meats,  honey and seasonal vegetables directly from local Peace Country farmers. We support communities both locally and abroad when we purchase Fair Trade produce and coffee. Peaceful_Pantry_030webWe love to prepare and eat foods that are good for our bodies and we purchase dry goods, dairy and grocery items from  natural foods wholesalers. We have chosen this path of purchasing preference for health, environmental or social justice reasons. We come from diverse walks of life and occupations. We are parents, grandparents, children, business owners, employees, and students. We have built a community within a community and are proud to make a difference with our food dollars.

…good food, local farmers, sustaining community